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Sexauer Guitars

Prices and business methods as of
February 24, 2021
and until further noice

My Work, and Your Obligation!
(when you're ready!)

Price structure at the time of retainer is locked in unless you balk when your time comes.
I cut off new orders when I am 2 years behind.
Today, 8/19/2018, I am 11 months behind.

I make unique guitars. There is no actual "standard" guitar, and these models listed here are where we start our conversation. Even if you order a standard model, it won't be built exactly like the one your buddy ordered. This is because I am going to do my best to make it to suit you. I am paying close attention (and taking notes. . . after I receive your deposit).                                        Bruce Sexauer

My Business Methods!

Typical guitar features include:

H. Mahogany/Indian Rosewood/Jatoba back and sides Wood bindings w/mitered purflings
Italian or Adirondack Spruce soundboard Back center strip matching bindings (quite a few choices)
Honduras Mahogany Neck MOP or Abalone logo/side dots/fingerboard inlays
Ebony fingerboard w/Ebony or body matched binding Choice of Waverly or Schertler or Schaller tuners.
Ebony bridge w/inlayed ebony (or other!) pins Oil varnish finish (applied by myself)
Hide glue construction where possible Any case I can get @ cost + 10%
I do make simpler guitars (WRX) than the above described, and they can be significantly less expensive.
. . .   . . . 
I have 3 size categories:
Companion      $12,000.us
Regulation      $14,500.us
Grand      $16,000.us
Parlor, FT-13, FT-0, 13 1/2" wide or less

FT-14, FT-00, FT-15, FT-000, Concert size

FT-16, Dreadnaught, Jumbo

  . . .   . . . 

A great variation of design is available within the size parameters. 
"Regulation" for instance, can be a 14 fret or a 12 fret, 14" or 15" width, Martinesque, Jumbo-ish, or Classical!
Not to mention symmetrial or asymmetrical.
Because I work w/o molds and most conventional fixtures, I can offer a much broader design spectrum
than you may be used to!
. . .   . . . 
Visit my  Woodlocker and see a few of the many possible wood upgrades.
. . .   . . . 
While my typical guitar will meet most people's notion of a handmade guitar,
the next few lines will give you an idea of the possibilities.

A few of the many possible Options:
Multi-scale fretting
"JB" package (Fully asymmetrical multi-scale guitar including cutaway)
Lacquer Finish (I am no longer willing)
My standard finish is sprayed Oil-based Varnish.
I can brush it, but it is time consuming.
N/A                       No Charge             $750
Cutaway side:
Slotted Peghead


Brazilian Rosewood
better/best Honduras Rosewood (D. tucurensis)
$2500 to $7000
$300 to $900
Engelmann Spruce/Sitka Spruce/Western Red Cedar
Port Orford/Pencil cedar (really!)
$NC to

Highly figured Sapele, Chechen, Ziricote-
$600 to $1500
Ancient Kauri Top (125 rings per inch)

Malaysian Blackwood is great!
Absolute best German/Alpine/Eurospruce $400
Indian Rosewood
$NC to $350
Better Adirondack
Ultimate Adirondack

Australian Blackwood (I have great stuff)
African Blackwood (just one perfectly flatsawn set)
Waverly Gold


The "Tree" Quilted Mahogany (no/cutaway!) Flamed Honduras Mahogany
$4500 to $6000
Rodgers Tuners (Robson's are looking good)
$850 +

Claro Walnut (very fancy)
Abalone Rosette
Abalone top purfling
$200 $600
California Grown Black Walnut (med. flame)  Highly figured Myrtle
$NC                      $450
Schertler BlueStick, or most other UST's $300ish

Pyramid Bridge $400
Carbon fiber neck reinforcement (that works)

Style "45" abalone purfling and inlay
Herringbone top purfling (w/o cutaway)
Abalone top purfling and rosette center ring

Many cases are available, some at no additional cost, and most at my cost +10%.
Prices are US dollars FOB Petaluma, CA. Sales Tax will be added in California.
I have been relying upon personal contact, telephone conversation, email, both to establish the details and price of your instrument, and to clarify any issues around my concept and competence as a Luthier. Please don't hesitate to call me, Bruce Sexauer, at:

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