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Cutting Edge Traditional!
2012 Single 0

August 17, 2014
(last updated)

This site is Huge, find it all in the link above.

On the Bench
ES-14               BRW/Italian
FT-15               BRownWood/Italian
FT-0-JB/2        BRownWood/Adi
Recently Completed:
JB-Uke-Bari     All Koa
FT-000-C         Euro-Pear/German
FT-0                 Black Limba/Engelmann
FT-15-WRX     D. tuc./Carpathian
FT-0-JB/2         Maple/Engelmann
JB-Uke             Koa SS MultiScale
FT-000-D         BRW/Carpathian
FT-15-WRX     Magnolia/Catalpa (mp3)
FT-0-JB/2         Amazon/German (mp3)
FT-15.5 Kerala  Pernambuco/Adi
ES-000-C         H. Mah./Italian
FT-0-JB/2         BRW/Italian
JB-16                Pernambuco/Italian
FT-15                D. tuc./Adi
FT-0-JB/2 Companion        BRW/Adi
FT-00-K         All-Koa (TAMCO) mp3
FT-15             H. Mah/Adi  Artifact
ES-15 "29"      H. Mah/Adi  Artifact
JB-15-D         H. Mahogany/Redwood
ES-15-"29"     H.Mah./Adi  - Video
JB-15             All Koa
JB-15-L         Pernambuco/MoonSpruce
FT-15.5 Kerala  Walnut/Redwood   mp3
FT-00               D. Tucarensis/Italian
FT-15.5-Kerala Ebony/R'Wood mp3
FT-15-"Kerala" BRW/Italian
FT-00              Maple/Euro "Artifact"
FT-15     BRW/Adi or BRW/Engelmann
JB-15-D          Pernambuco/Adi

FT-15-Kerala - Master Class
ES-000-C      Koa/Carpathian
FT-15-JB       HRW/Italian (take 2)
JB-00  Pernambuco/Italian mp3
FT-15-JB       HRW/Italian
JB-15-K         All Koa

Tim Weed connects with my WRX!
"an Anecdote"

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
video reviews my FT-0-JB-2.

I have assembled many of my
"Sound Clips" (MP3's mostly)
onto one page called
My Big Gig
Check it out!

Some of the 425 sets I have on hand.

Click here
for a list of guitars
available right now
in my shop.

Video Interview at HGF, 2013

Here is a 2010 video interview made in my shop:

And here's yet another video!
The Producer is Paul Reynolds,  Thanks, Paul!
The sound track is called "Guadalajara", and was penned by myself in 1974 or so.

JB-15-all Koa
#2200612 - All-Koa JB-15

Looks good, but what do the customers think?

I am making a increasing number of Ukuleles.


@Gruhn Guitars

FT-15 Oz B'wood/Italian
@ The Acoustic Music Co.

FS In My Shop:

'12 Artifact
'11 JB-14
'07 FT-16-D

My Thinking.
No, really!

A picture of my first commissioned guitar, still owned/played by Joe Mock!
How Larry Clyman came to own an '09 Sexauer WRX Pernambuco.
One of the 16 Sexauer instruments played in our performance Feb 18 at Schoenberg Guitars.
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